Saturday, December 3, 2016

How to Delete a You Tube Video?

You Tube has appeared as one of the best social media platforms where people can share their thoughts, ideas, products and services through the most interactive video content. Well, sharing all these things with the help of video content is surely having a positive edge. But sometime, you may need to delete or replace one or two videos and you should know about how to delete a YouTube video.
This can also occur when your videos go outdated. For the business owners, when a new version of the product is announced and a new video is prepared, they may need to delete the old one so that the new one can be replaced with it. So, the big question is that how to delete a You Tube Video that you have uploaded few days or months back. It’s easy! All you need to follow certain steps and the video you want will be deleted from the list and this can be done with help of how to delete a YouTube video.
  • First of all, you need to log in with your You Tube account from where you want to how to delete a YouTube video.
  • Then you need to select on the My Channel option and then go to the Video Manager
  • Once the Video Manager opens, you can find the list of videos you have uploaded for your account
  • At the side of every video, you can find a blank box from where you how to delete a YouTube video. You need to mark the box of that video which you want to delete.
  • Once you mark it, click on the action button. Then you will come across Delete and once you click on this button, the You Tube video you selected will be deleted and removed from the list.

When you already are the advanced YouTube user, then you do not face any question on how to upload the YouTube video anymore. Sometimes other question comes: how one can delete YouTube video, playlist or YouTube channel totally. Whether video is yours, there are different reasons of getting this away from video giant. Know different ways of getting rid of the video from the YouTube:

How to Delete Video from the YouTube

You have uploaded video long time before and it is now outdated. You have a lot of video files on the channel. Or somebody asked you delete the video. Or you do not like the video anymore. It doesn’t matter. Verdict is very clear: delete all videos permanently.
  • Go at Ensure you have logged in.
  • Select Channel and Video Manager.
  • YouTube Channel
  • Video Manager Page may open up & you will see list of your videos. Mark one that you like to delete & click on Actions. The YouTube Video Manager options
  • Select Delete option for removing video forever. You can also hide video without any deletion. For doing this, click on Private or Unlisted.

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